What is a documentary session like?

It’s like having a good friend who is really good with a camera come over and hang out with your family! My goal is to blend in with the activity of your home and snap pictures as life unfolds. Expect me to take a few minutes when I first arrive to check out the lighting and layout of your home. We’ll talk as I get a feel for the mood of the household, and we’ll go from there. I will photograph and interact with your family in a casual, comfortable way.

What should we wear?

Priority number one is comfort. This is especially true for children! Each family has their own standards of appearance, but I encourage you to choose based on what makes each person feel good. Remember that one of the best parts of documentary-style photography is that it is authentic and lets individual and family personality shine through.

Should I go crazy cleaning my house before our session ?

Absolutely not! Your home should be in a state of tidiness that you feel comfortable in as a family. Depending on that particular week’s family chaos, you may want to give your home some attention, but there is no need to go beyond your normal household routine. Just do enough that you’ll be able to relax while I am there- keeping in mind that my own home is very… lived in. I speak from personal experience when I assure you that dust on the furniture doesn’t show up very well in photos!

When will I get to see my photos?

Different sessions will have different turnaround times based on the volume of photos I am sorting through and editing. You can expect a few “sneak peek” images to be available for digital and social media sharing a week or two after your session. Your full online gallery will be ready for print ordering in the following time frames:
Portrait Session- 1-2 weeks depending on session length and number of people
Documentary Session- within 4 weeks
Birth Photography- within 4 weeks
Wedding Photography- 6-8 weeks

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